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Road Cargo Transport

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Do you need to safely transport hazardous materials? Or to transport giant glass panes into the centre of London? Does your shipment require the strictest possible security? Are you looking for Just-in-Time delivery? We can do all of that.

  • chemicals, hazardous materials
  • SQAS Certification
  • Internal ADR advisor, trained drivers


  • shipments which require security
    (high-value goods)
  • TAPA Certification
  • Internal and external monitoring 




  • transportation within precisely specified                                                    and adhered to deadlines

 We take pride in the fact that our drivers are the best in the industry. We only use new Volvo vehicles, and everything is monitored 24 hours a day by our dispatch centre.

Are you looking for a reliable carrier? Contact us: + 420 376 377 311.