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Other services

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  • Repair and maintenance of vehicles of all types and brands, including trailers and semi-trailers

  • Repair of CNG/LNG-fuelled vehiclesServis 1.png

  • Modern diagnostics

  • Welding

  • Laser wheel alignment of cargo and utility vehicles

  • Roller brake tester

  • Emission measurements

  • Tachograph calibration


Car WashMyčka.png

  • Hand and brush washing of lorries, buses, and cars

  • Vehicle disinfection



We are part of the FOFR transportation system along with 8 other partners. We operate the Klatovy, Plzeň, and Prague branches, but we can deliver your shipments across the entire Czech Republic as well as Slovakia. auto fofr.jpg

  • We transport atypical and dangerous shipments

  • Express delivery within 24 hours

  • Shipments are insured under the CMR Convention

  • Online delivery tracking

  • Shipping services available to anyone

Are you looking for a reliable carrier? Contact us: + 420 376 377 311.