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All company vehicles are equipped with transport information system of VOLVO company– Dynafleet, covering the whole Europe and allowing dispatchers permanent contact with the vehicle and thus overview about the movement of goods. With Dynafleet are all transports optimized which ensures minim of ‘’empty’’ kilometers, and to streamline transportation towards the customer.

Dynafleet mapa

Dynafleet is a comprehensive transport information system, using satellite broadcast. The dispatcher may request the information about the vehicle, vehicle location and driver through the network without the driver having to know. The last sentence implies that the Dynafleet allows to specify the geographic location of the vehicle (including consumer goods) using the GPS (Global Position System).

The driver of a vehicle may communicate by Dynafleet with a dispatcher at any time and inform him about the course of loading or unloading, e.g. about the shipments delay.

In 2004, the company equipped its cars with the new version of Dynafleet, which enable not only to monitor data of vehicle movement but also transmit data directly to the internet (see Section Satellite). Customers have the opportunity to monitor the movement of their shipments anywhere and anytime, in any of the available 18 European languages including Russian and Turkish, without the help of the company dispatcher.

Dynafleet system allows monitoring driver’s style of vehicle driving. Based on these data, Lorenc Logistic carries out regular trainings in order to reduce fuel consumption and thereby reduce the environmental impact of transport on the environment and reduce CO2 emissions limits.

Communication Dynafleet – MS Dynamic NAV

The advantage of linking information Dynafleeet transport information system with Microsoft Dynamic NAV is:

  • transports optimization
  • reduction of empty kilometers = lower CO2 emissions
  • determination of the shortest and fastest routes
  • perfect overview of the realization of individual shipments online in a real time