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Lorenc Logistic, s.r.o  Company Profile


The company currently owns 50 VOLVO vehicles a volume of up to 120 cubic meters (cbm), 24 tons.

We specialize not only in road transport of bulk goods for the automotive industry, but also in the Lorenc Logistic Klatovygroupage service, Hi-tech items and dangerous goods (as per ADR agreement) transport.

Although, the company and the number of employees have grown, the company is still highly flexible and is able to provide the transportation in a very short time periods.

Operator center works continuously and through communication satellite system can the customers keep track of the shipment at any moment.

We have established a free ´´Green Line´´: 800 31 41 51 for the customers.

In the case of transport outside the European Union countries we can provide to our clients all customs formalities for export and import.

History of Lorenc Logistic, s.r.o. Company

In 1992 the company Lorenc Logistic, s.r.o. began to operate on the Czech market. The small family business has grown into a prosperous company with registered capital of CZK 20 000 000.

Since 1996 the company expanded its activity also in forwarding services in international and domestic shipping. Within these services we dispose of vehicles of all types to ensure the maximum flexibility of the shipments.

In 2001 the company Lorenc Logistic, s.r.o. built in Klatovy  a new logistic grounds including office building, warehouse halls with a capacity of 2100 EUR pal (in operation since 2001) and a capacity 6500 EUR pal (in operation since 2005), vehicle repair shop, car wash and filling station of diesel and AD blue.

Through permanent connection to the security service and 24 hour camera monitoring system for the entire area are the warehouses utmost secured and suitable for the storage of HI-TECH products/components. There is an implemented Electronic Fire System in both warehouse halls, i.e. direct connection with the FRS in Klatovy.

In April 2010 the company established a branch Lorenc Logistic Poland Sp. Z O.O. in Wloclavek, which is focusing on full truck load, groupage delivery service and dangerous goods (as per ADR agreement) transports, both within Poland and throughout Europe.

January 2007 – branch Pohořelice with the warehouse hall with a capacity of 1000 m2, 1200 EUR pallets.

April 2010 - the branch Wloclawek in Poland focused on full truck load transport, groupage delivery service and transport of dangerous goods as per ADR agreement within Poland and whole Europe.