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What we deliver

The company Lorenc Logistic, s.r.o. transports full truck load shipments as well as shipments of collecting (piece) character.

Dangerous goods transport according to ADR agreement


We currently dispose 4 tanks in the Czech Republic and 3 tanks in Poland, both designed to ADR goods transport. Our drivers undergo regular training for dangerous substances tranport. Transportation is governed by European agreement ADR. We make sure the transports are managed safely, quickly and on time.


Lorenc Logistic company owns the evaluation certificates SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System) which is managed by CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council). SQAS is a European system that evaluates safety, quality and environmental impact of transport service, using standardized assessments carried out by independent evaluators. As for certification, there have been set strict safety standarts for dangerous goods transport.  Currently there are 12 shipping companies owning certificate SQAS in the Czech republic, including us. More information about the system you can found on the official website www.sqas.org

Our company has his own safety adviser for ADR. 



We provide important transports JIT (just-in-time) for companies operating in the automotive industry. It means great importance of the shipments reliability and accuracy. Transports within Europe are sipped by trucks if inner height 3 metres.


Hi-Tech products and medicines transports


Next of our major activities is HI-TECH products transport. Such products needs especial care, thus we deliver them by cooling or box trucks. 


Safety of HI-TECH products transportation

Because goods of such value are susceptible to theft, we focus on security, too. Our online tracking system, mentioned in the main road transport article, contributes to the security and safety development. Properly planned route of each transport accompanied by two drivers reduces possible risks that may occur during the journey.  

Our company is covered by  All risk insurance of 1 270 000 euro value per shipment.


Furniture industry and other

Our services include mattresses transport, too. Using a special box trailer with double floor, allowing compression of the goods, we are able to increase the capacity of each shipment up to 120 cubic metres.

Besides another goods transport we also manage food industry goods transport.


We transport for - References

  • VOLVO (automotive)
  • Borgers CS Rokycany (automotive)
  • ACP (chemical industry, CO2)
  • ARTILAT N.V. with a Czech subsidiary VYROLAT s.r.o. Nymburk (furniture)
  • DOPLA PAP a.s. Sušice (food industry)


Are you interested in transport?

If you are interested in transport of any goods, please contact our dispatching line at + 420 376 377 321 or use our free info-line on 800 31 41 51.

What we do not transport

Our company does not cover shipments of flowers, animals, bulk liquid or bulk material – except ADR and chemical products.

Transport query

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Contact person

Barbora Zoubková

+420 376 377 311/12


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