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The company Lorenc Logistic, s.r.o. disposes five warehouse halls 

  1. Klatovy - 2 halls, 8.477 EUR pal, 4500 m2  Lorenc-564.jpg
  2. Prague - 2.500 EUR pal, 2.00 0m2
  3. Brno - 1.200 EUR pal, 1.000 m2
  4. Pilsen, Štěnovice - 12.000  m2
  5. Pilsen, Valcha - 600 m2



Electronic security signalization in the halls

Thanks to the EZS constantly connected to the security service and CCTV system  non-stop monitoring entire area stays the warehouse maximally secure, suitable even for HI-TECH products/components storing. Electronic fire system is installed to each warehouse hall and it is connected directly to the local FRS.





 sklad Lorenc Logistic

Warehouse halls in Klatovy

In 2001 the company built a new logistic ground in Klatovy,  including office buildings, warehouses with capacity of 2100 EUR pal (commissioned and approved in 2001) and capacity of 6500 EUR pal(commissioned and approved in 2005). Warehouse hall for 2100 EUR pal includes cooling box of capacity 100 EUR pallets. Due to possible thermal regulation, about which is the customer informed in a printed form, is the cooling box convenient for storage of any thermally monitored commodity. Currently it is mainly the food products.  The warehouse is also equipped for the storage of dangerous goods according to Chemical Act.




 NON-STOP warehousing services

Both stores in Klatovy are in operation 24 hours a day and are equipped with modern handling and racking equipment from reputable manufactures. The warehouse employees are properly trained for the manipulation with the warehouse equipment. For the information about operating time of other warehouses see section ´´branches´´.




Warehouse halls of branchesLorenc-644.jpg


From 1st January 2007 dispose the company of a warehouse hall with a capacity of 1000 m2. i.e.1200 EUR pallet, in Brno – Pohořelice. Address: Lorenc Logistic, s.r.o. , Průmyslová Zóna 1503, 691 23 Pohořelice

From1. 11. 2010 dispose the company of a warehouse hall with a capacity of 2000 m2, i.e. 2500 EUR pallet in Prague. Address: Lorenc Logistic, s.r.o., Business Park Rudná, Hala č. 11, K Vypichu 1215, 252 19  Rudná



Goods stored in warehouses of the company is insured against all risks. See the section "insurance"






Modern warehouse equipment

Customers can store their goods at very favorable price conditions for long or only temporarily.
>New efficient software for keeping inventory control allows customers to track the goods status through the web interface (online access).
New efficient software for inventory control allows customers to track the status of goods through a web interface (on-line access).

  • goods status – to check the goods movement within the warehouse
  • minimum durability – storage according to minimal durability
  • balance of pallets

We also provide to our customers on-line systems interconnection, when the customer can create the order in its system and by one click can transfer it to the storers system and the other way round. This way can the customer find out, how is manipulating with its goods.

The warehouse employees daily manipulate (store, repackage, pack) with about 250 tons of goods and prepare goods for subsequent distribution in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or to Hungary and Poland. With your goods will be handled 24 hours a day, according to your needs or as required by your production process JUST IN TIME transportation.


Since the beginning of 2007 the company introduced the use of EAN codes to facilitate inventory control.


Activities focused on the customer in the area of storage:  

  • Storage of safe and dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Repacking
  • Labeling
  • Records of pallet account
  • Records of stock keeping
  • Cross-docking
  • Distribution to the final beneficiary
  • Consolidation

Ask for free storage space

Contact person

Josef Danko

+420 376 377 318



Contact person

Karel Suda

+420 376 377 339


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