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Road transport

_1033214.jpgThe main activity of ours is bulk consignments  transportation within the Czech Republic, Germany and the Benelux countries. All our trucks are equipped with a transport information system called Dynafleet, made by Volvo co. Dynafleet allows dispatchers to be in permanent contact with a vehicle, therefore they are aware of the goods movement. Thanks to Dynafleet our transports are more efficient.




FOFR delivery service

Zásilková služba FOFR - Lorenc Logistic s.r.o.The definition of FOFR? It's a forwarding system that is capable of delivering any special package you need. Basically, FOFR delivers packages and shipments that greater forwarding services either are not able to deliver or do not provide their delivery. You can order the shipment comfortably from home - via phone, e-mail, fax or e-form you would find on our page. Because our scope of activity reaches all over the Czech republic, we guarantee you immediate reaction and quality of service provided.



Truck service

Servis nákladních vozidelOur truck service fully equipped area allow our well-trained mechanics to do an excellent job. Customers we regularly serve are both domestic and foreign carriers whose needs are  fulfilled individually and profesionally. Part of our service is focused on tyres that we control with laser tag JOSAM geometry. There is a brake diagnostics in the garage, too. 



sklady Klatovy - Lorenc Logistic s.r.o.Currently our company owns 4 500 square metres warehousing space in Klatovy, 2 000 square metres in Prague and 1000 square metres in Brno. Goods stored in the company warehouses are insured against all risks. Entrusted goods are handled 24 hours a day according to needs of the customer on the basis of JUST IN TIME transport system. We have installed an alarm connected to the security service and CCTV cameras non-stop monitoring the entire company area. This way we ensure maximum HI-TECH products / components etc.storage security.


Car wash

Lorenc-198.jpgSince 2004 the company Lorenc Logistic, s.r.o. has run a car wash for trucks, lorries, buses and even  cars. We provide contactless washing (including waxing) which provides the car paint from scratching The car wash is equipped with a hoover used for inner cab space cleaning.





 Petrol station

IMG_1862.JPGThere is a petrol station in Lorenc Logistic grounds as well. It serves our customers mainly, however, that does not mean general public service.