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Road Transport



  • As a company with a long-standing tradition we understand the transport of goods for various clients is a distinctive matter
  • 80% of our customers work with us long term, which we appreciate
  • all transports are provided with maximum care

Logistics is a transportation field that increases the efficiency of the good distribution. We provide the complete logistics services and all custom export and import formalities that are necessary for exquisite service to customers, that includes INTRASTAT.



The company Lorenc Logistic, s.r.o. is insured with a reputable insurance company Zurich Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft. Lorenc Logistic is properly insured as a responsible shipping company in compliance with an international agreement CMR. It is possible to insure the shipment against any possible risk that may occur during transport - All Risk insurance, which is negotiated individually at customer's request.

Satellite system

All vehicles are equipped with a communication satellite system Volvo Dynafleet which covers whole area of Europe and which allows dispatchers to be in permanent contact with a vehicle, therefore they are aware of the goods movement. 

In 2004, we updated our system with new version of Dynafleet coming with a new function which transports data directly to the internet. Such improvement enables customers to track their shipments from anywhere anytime without help of a dispatcher.

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