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We offer complete tyre services aimed at trucks. Let your vehicle be handled by the Lorenc Logistic specialists.


What do you gain by the correct alignment?

  • Reduction of fuel consumption by about 3-10% sometimes up to 20%Lorenc-487.jpg
  • Reduction of the tyre wear (big anomaly can reduce operating life by 15-50%)
  • Increase of traffic safety
  • Better vehicle driving conditions

What do we check?

  • Convergence / divergence of steered axle 
  • Place of the vehicle and trailer set axles 
  • Wheel lean
  • Back-band of steering pin
  • Steering pin forward movement
  • Differential angle of the pin
  • Maximum angle of the pin 


Reifenservice query

Michal Pecl.JPG

Personne de contact

   Michal Pecl

   +724 952 863