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Branch Wloclavek, Poland



Wloclawek, Poland branch was estabilished in april 2010. The branch focuses on full truck loads and groupage delivery shipments and dangerous goods transports (ADR agreement). The main reason for the Polish brand estabilishment was our services availablity to our partners operating in Poland. Therefore branch Poland mainly occupies with goods transport from Poland to the Czech republic and vice versa.

Transport and forwarding

Our polish team disposes of 20 VOLVO trucks. Each vehicle is equipped with a transport information system called Dynafleet, made by Volvo co. Dynafleet allows dispatchers to be in permanent contact with a vehicle, therefore they are aware of the goods movement. Dynafleet includes online Track & Trace customer service. Thanks to Dynafleet the transports are more efficient. Branch Poland cooperates with haulage contractors within Poland in order to widen range of customer service.

Hi-Tech and cosmetics transport

The branch transports hi-tech equipment and cosmetics within Poland and the Czech Republic. Because goods of such value are susceptible to theft, we focus on security, too. Our online tracking system contributes to the security and safety development. Properly planned route of each transport accompanied by two drivers reduces possible risks that may occur during the journey. Our company is covered by  All risk insurance of 1 270 000 euro value per shipment.

Dangerous goods transport (according to ADR) by tank trucks

Branch Poland provides transports for multinational company ACP, which engages in trade of carbon dioxide and its distribution within Europe. Lorenc Logistic Polska implements these transports via 9 specially adjusted cisterns because such product is supplied for food industry that emphasizes delivering on time. In addition, branch Poland transports chemical products within Europe for producers such as Akzo Nobel.

AdBlue transports

In October 2017 the polish branch has extended its services by AdBlue distribution. It transports this liquid on polish market for its significant customer called GreenChem. The purpose of AdBlue is to decrease emission pollutants obliges to emission Euro norms 4, 5 and 6.,


Contact person

Tomasz Kuznicki

+48 54 426 91 41


  • Lorenc Logistic Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • ul. Zielna 37/39
  • 87 - 800 Włocławek
  • tel.: +48 54 426 91 41
  • fax: + 48 54 426 91 42
  • www: www.lorenc-logistic.com.pl  
  • NIP: 8883027650
  • REGON: 340551662

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Our team - Poland

Target of the Branch :

  • warehouse complex building
  • distribution services within Poland providing


Tomasz Kuznicki

Tomasz Kuznicki

Mariusz Literski Mariusz Literski
Anna Augustynowicz Anna Augustynowicz
  • funkce: Sales Representative and marketing executive
  • Languages: English, german
  • tel: +48 54 426 91 41
  • mobil: + 48 517 250 409
  • fax: + 48 54 426 91 42
  • e-mail: marketing@lorenc-logistic.com.pl
Slawomir Czapski Slawomir Czapski
Przemysław Wiśniewski

Przemyslaw Wisniewski


Igor Brzeski

Marita Sobiech Marita Sobiech
Fabian Pakulski

Fabian Pakulski

Oliwia Małkiewicz    Katarzyna Barczak

Oliwia Malkiewicz / Katarzyna Barczak


Justyna Dorobysz