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Tyre service 

We offer complete tyre services aimed at trucks. Let your vehicle be handled by the Lorenc Logistic specialists.

Laser alignment JOSAMLorenc-487.jpg

Utility vehicles measure system is the most precise and the simpliest system used for axle and wheel alignment.  The new JOSAM laser technology changes the world standard for the chassis alignment of all utility vehicles. The method has succesfully spread across more than 30 different countries and most car manufacturers recommends its use in their services a garages.  

What do you gain by the correct alignment?

  • Reduction of fuel consumption by about 3-10% sometimes up to 20%
  • Reduction of the tyre wear (big anomaly can reduce operating life by 15-50%)
  • Increase of traffic safety
  • Better vehicle driving conditions

What do we check?

  • Convergence / divergence of steered axle 
  • Place of the vehicle and trailer set axles 
  • Wheel lean
  • Back-band of steering pin
  • Steering pin forward movement
  • Differential angle of the pin
  • Maximum angle of the pin 

Tyre service price list


Tyre assemblly and removal: 150,- Kč/pcs
Nitrogen filling: 200,- Kč/pcs
Liquidation of old tyres:  100,- Kč/pcs
Tyre calibration to 17,5“:   50,- Kč/pcs
Tyre calibration over 17,5“: 100,- Kč/pcs
Axle wheel removal and assemblly to 17,5“:   50,- Kč/pcs
Axle Wheel removal and assemblly over 17,5“:   80,- Kč/pcs
Tyre repair to 17,5“ (cold repair):   45,- Kč/pcs

Tyre repair over 17,5“ (cold repair):

  65,- Kč/pcs

Wheel alignment


Tractor – 2 and more axles

1500,- Kč

Trailer – 2 and more axles

1500,- Kč

Partial – 1 axle

1000,- Kč

EU stickers for tyre labeling 

New tyre labeling valid from 1st November 2012 is aimed tyres made after the 30th June 2012 and is concerning cars, light utility vehicles and trucks. The new rule dos not apply to the following: motorcycle tyres, remolded tyres, professional off-road tyres, racing tyres, ranging and back-up tyres. Also tyres with pricks, tyres that were made for vehicles their registration was made before the 1st October 1990, tyres with speed index lower than 80km/hour or tyres made for rims smaller than avg 254mm or larger than 635mm.  

Every tyre must be labeled with standard sticker that shows 3 key properties of the tyre: rolling opposition, grip on wet surfaces and outside noise.

Rolling opposition (efficiency)

Rolling opposition influences the use of petrol and also the environment. The lower rolling opposition the tyre has, the lower is the use of petrol and carbon dioxide produce. Label may show any letter ranging from A to G (A - the lowest, G - the biggest rolling opposition).

Grip on wet surfaces

The better the adhesive power of the tyre is on the wet surface, the shorter is its braking distance. The label will show a letter ranging from A to G (A - the best, G - the worst).  An advance from one letter to next should mean either the braking distance got better or worse from the speed 80 km/hour by 3-6m.

Outside noise

The outside noise is expressed in decibels and shown in 1-3 sound waves. One line shows the user that the tyre noise is at least by 3 decibels lower  than the highest allowed value according to the regulation that will become valid sometime between 2012 - 2016.


Tyre service query

Michal Pecl.JPG

Contact person - Tyre service

Michal Pecl

Phone +420 724 952 863

E-mail dilna@lorenc-logistic.cz