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Lorenc Logistic, s.r.o. has insured all the services it provides. The insurance has been taken out by Raiffeisen Pojišťovací makléřství, s.r.o. in compliance with laws related to those activities.

The purpose is to deal with possible claims with the utmost care and above all that the customers receive their compensation in the shortest time and in the most reliable way.

Standard Insurance

Provided service Insurance in a maximum of: Insurance: Insurance company:
International road transport and forwarding 600.000 EUR /1LKW Liability according to CMR Zurich
National road transport 600.000 EUR/1LKW Liability according to Business Code Zurich
Warehousing According to customer request = value of stored goods All-Risk Allianz
The vehicle service, including car wash 3.000.000 CZK All-Risk Unique

Note: Those insurance types are meant for customers without extra charges.


Premium insurance

Based on customer requirements, company Lorenc Logistic, s.r.o.  provides insurance above standard, too, for example:

  • Additional insurance for consignment of high value for a particular transport and term, against all risks – transport
  • Insurance all risk for transporting HI-TECH products, up to 1.270.000EUR/1LKW - transport
  • Liability insurance for undelivered consignment - transport
  • For specific performed aktivity - warehouse
  • All risk insurance on the stored goods - storage (our insurance company takes this as a standard = without charges

Note: We charge for this insurance.

In the event that the customer will have any special requirements for the insurance, we are able to provide this. On request we send any insurance contract or certificate of insurance to the customer for inspection.