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Branch Wloclavek in Poland

In April 2010 was founded the branch Lorenc Logistic Polska z.o.o. with the office in the Polish Wloclawek. This branch is focusing on the full truck loads and groupage delivery shipments and also transport of dangerous goods (as per ADR agreement). The reason for the establishment of this branch was primarily the availability of our service closer to our strategic partners operating in Poland. The Branch in Poland focuses primarily on transports Poland – Czech Republic.

Transport and forwarding

In the polish branch dispose of 20 VOLVO trucks. All vehicles are equipped with Volvo Dynafleet satellite system that allows tracking on-line and also allows direct communication between the vehicle and dispatching, including Truck & Trace service for customers. The branch provides international and domestic transportation, full truck loads and groupage shipments and also transport of dangerous goods according to ADR. To ensure 100% customer service the branch has extended its activities by forwarding = cooperation with contract carriers in Poland.

Hi-Tech and cosmetics transport

The branch also provides transports of hi-tech equipment and cosmetics in destinations Poland – Czech Republic. Due to the nature of hi-tech products is placed a big emphasis on safety and security against the theft. To be able to provide these requirements, we have equipped all vehicles with satellite and security system that allows tracking on-line and we have also entered into insurance against all risks up to the value 1 270 000 EUR on one shipment.

Transport of dangerous goods according to ADR by tank trailers

The polish branch provides transportation for multinational company ACP, which deals with marketing and distribution of carbon dioxide within the Europe. Lorenc Logistic Polska is implementing the transports by 9 specially adapted tanks. It is product supplied to the good industry, where is placed a big emphasis on timeliness and accuracy of deliveries.

The branch is also dealing with the transports of chemical products within Europe for manufacturers such as Akzo Nobel.


Contact person

Tomasz Kuznicki

+48 54 428 28 89


  • Lorenc Logistic Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • ul. Toruńska 234
  • 87 - 805 Włocławek
  • Phone: +48 54 428 28 89
  • Fax: + 48 54 428 28 84
  • www: www.lorenc-logistic.com.pl  
  • NIP: 8883027650
  • REGON: 340551662

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Our team - Poland

Target of the Branch :

  • build a warehouse complex
  • providing distribution services within Poland


Tomasz Kuznicki

Tomasz Kuznicki

  • Fuction: Head of the Branch
  • Languages: English
  • Phone: +48 54 428 28 89
  • Mobil: +48 515 174 118
  • Fax : + 48 54 428 28 84
  • E-mail: kuznicki@lorenc-logistic.com.pl




Agnieszka Rymar

Agnieszka Rymar

Slawomir Czapski Slawomir Czapski


Aleksandra Kocinska

Aleksandra Kocińska

Mariusz Literski Mariusz Literski
Pawel Bujalski Pawel Bujalski
  • Fuction: Head of garage
  • Languages: angličtina
  • Phone: +48 54 426 22 62
  • Mobil: + 48 797 418 754
  • Fax: + 48 54 426 22 63
  • E-mail: bujalski@lorenc-logistic.com.pl