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Branch in Brno

Branch in BrnoThe Lorenc Logistic s.r.o. branch in Brno has been established in In January 2007. 

Since 2009, the branch in Brno expanded its services by freight forwarding and became a company representation for the region of Moravia. This branch provides full truck load and groupage shipments within Europe and Czech Republic.


Branch disposes of warehouse hall with an area of 1000 m2, i.e. capacity of 1200 EUR pal. The hall is equipped with modern racking and handling equipment.

Based on customer requirements, we offer the following services:

  • distribution services from a warehouse in Brno within CZ and SK.
  • Storage of goods
  • Repacking
  • Labeling
  • Cross-docking
  • Keeping stock records
  • Pallet account record-keeping
  • Distribution to the final beneficiaries

New efficient software for inventory control allows customers to track the status of goods through a web interface (on-line access).

  • goods status – to check the goods movement within the warehouse
  • minimum durability – storage according to minimal durability
  • balance of pallets

We also provide to our customers on-line systems interconnection, when the customer can create the order in its system and by one click can transfer it to the storers system and the other way round. This way can the customer find out, how is manipulating with its goods.

From the beginning of 2007 the company introduced the EAN codes to facilitate the inventory control. The halls have the electronic fire system in place, i.e. it is directly connected with the local Fire and Rescue.


The goods stored in the company halls is insured against all risks. See section Insurance.



Contact person

Irena Vašková

+420 519 324 384




Address of the Branch:

  • Lorenc Logistic, s.r.o.
  • Areál Slatina
  • Tuřanka 1222/115
  • 627 00  Brno
  • tel.: +420 519 324 384
  • opening hours: Monday to Friday 8 – 16:30 h 

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 Our team - Brno

Irena Vašková

Irena Vašková

  • Fuction: Head of the branch
  • Languages: English
  • Phone: +420 519 324 384
  • Fax : + 420 519 324 245
  • Mobil: +420 724 027 382
  • E-mail: vaskova@lorenc-logistic.cz


Eva Hlavsová Eva Hlavsová
  • Fuction: Administrator, Dispatcher of international and domestic forwarding
  • Languages: English
  • Phone: +420 519 324 384
  • Fax : + 420 519 324 245
  • Mobil: +420 725 450 732
  • E-mail: dispobrno@lorenc-logistic.cz


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