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Green company

Zelená firma AJ.jpgGreen company is a unique project whose purpose is to collect electrical supplies waste in the Czech Republic. The project focuses on all companies that think ecologically, want to offer their employees an unique benefit and simultaneously solve issues of company electronic waste completely free.

The involvement of our company in the project

The fact that our company is involved in the project ´Green Company´ provides our employees an environmentally friendly way to get rid of retired small electrical appliances and batteries. This way we are significantly expanding our activities in the field of environmental protection.

Objectives and purpose of the project

The main goal of the project ´Green Company´ is to protect environment by ensuring effective take-back and electrical devices recycling. They contain not only dangerous substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium, brominated flame retardants etc. but also large amount of recyclable and recoverable materials.

Electrical appliances retired from households can be put in the box located in the administration building next to the truck service.

We reduce the environmental burden

The project enables bulky electrical waste recycling. Involvement in the project ´Green Company´ demonstrates our company environmental thinking towards both the employees and the public. This is another step to reaching our long-term goal – to reduce the burden on the environment.

Our employees are offered an useful benefit - recycling small ´home´ electrical waste possibility. The initiator of the project is REMA system a. s., an organization that provides collecting, sorting, recycling and disposal of electrical waste in the Czech Republic.

 Reducing CO2 gas leaks into the atmosphere

By regular fleet of our new vehicles replacement, meeting the strictest European standards Euro 6, we try to contribute to reduction impact on CO2 gas leak to the environment. New cars are purchased each 6 years and the vehicles average age is 4,5 years.