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Czech delivery service FOFR - fast and reliable shipments

FOFR delivery service fills the gap on the parcel and collection services market. It specializes in oversized items and ADR (dangerous goods) shipments. FOFR ships items that require individual manipulation. In other words they cover shipping of items that are not managed by greater mail providers. 


  • We pick up the shipment anywhere you wish - at work or at home
  • We guarantee delivery within 24 hours anywhere in the Czech Republic
  • We pack the shipment the way you request
  • We provide extraordinary additional insurance of the shipment if it needs one



There are 20  FOFR deliver servuce centers in the Czech Republic. Thanks to them FOFR builds comprehensive forwarding services system within the Czech Republic. Lorenc Logistic operates via FOFR in the Klatovy district (Klatovy, Domažlice, Písek, Strakonice, Vimperk, Horšovský Tyn, Staňkov, Sušice, Horažďovice, Blovice, Nepomuk, Blatná, Volyně, Nýrsko), Plzeň district (Preštice, Rokycany, Hořovice, Žebrák, Králův Dvůr, Rakovník) and Prague district (Beroun, Kladno, Slaný, Kralupy nad Vltavou, Prague 1, 5, 6, Prague Ruzyne). This basically means that if you send an item from or to the districts named above, we collect it from you or we personally deliver it to you. The rest of the Czech Republic is taken care by other FOFR partners.


Shipment order

Would you like to send a shipment from Klatovy, Pilsen or Prague? Do you need help with shipment ordering? Do you have any questions about price or delivery times? Do not hesitate to contact our dispatchers:

 _DSC9719-Edit.jpgIf you use our delivery service regularly, we recommend signing up for our system Net Spedition. Signing up creates you your own account which you can easily acces and order a delivery whenever you need one. Your order, automatically appearing in our system, is taken care by our dispatchers who ensure that it is processed quickly and correctly.





Registration to Net Spedition

It's simple and does not take more than 5 minutes.
Click here to register. After fillingthe questionnaire your information is sent to our sales department. Within a few minutes you receive an email that your registration has been successful.



Order a transport in our online system Net Spedice




Contact person FOFR KT

Jiří Šelmát

+420 602 129 556