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autodiagnostikaWe offer full service electrical diagnostics focused on lorries, trucks. Put your car in the hands of true experts!

Service brake cylinder for commercial vehicles

It is designed for commercial vehicles with a maximum load of 20 tons per axle. This is the optimal diagnostic system, corresponding to the requirements of motor vehicle manufacturers, as well as the approval requirements for test equipment for use in STK and SME.

Roller brake test from MAHA Consulting, sro, allowing control of brake force adjustment and alignment options, including all sets (ie. + Tractor trailer / car + trailer). This option leads to a perfect braking performance throughout the set, which means reducing brake wear and above all to increase the safety of vehicles on the road.

Test components and control units, check the error codes
Diagnostics Wabco - Würth for motor vehicles

  • Calibration clutch
  • Calibration Gear
  • Calibration suspension
  • Calibration accelerator
  • Calibration air dryer
  • Calibration brake pads
  • Resetting the service interval

Diagnosis of brake systems ABS, EBS - Wabco, Knorr, Heldex for trailers

  • Check error codes
  • Parameterisation of ECUs
  • Resetting the service interval
  • Checking the status of mileage for trailers
  • Calibration brake pads

Diagnosis Ecas - Wabco electronically controlled air suspension

  • Checking error codes - possibility to test leveling valves
  • Calibration ride height

Diagnosis Volvo

  • The original diagnosis only for vehicles Volvo
  • Possibility of calibration, testing, programming control units and components

Pricing brake stool

Alignment kit

1500,- Kč DSC00252.jpg

Checking the brake kits 600,- Kč
Check the brakes auto 400,- Kč

Order autodiagnostics for trucks


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